Parker’s philosophy is rooted in the principles and beliefs established by our founder, Dr. James W. Parker. Dr. Parker created a set of principles, later known as the Parker Principles, that still serve as the foundation of our university and the relationships our graduates establish with patients and clients around the world. Service to others is the underlying theme for the Parker Principles and our institution believes that this focus begins with the students we serve.


Our Philosophy & Principles

Master of Science in Strength and Human Performance (MSHP) 

In partnership with Parker University FICS is excited to offer members who have completed their International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC), or are close to finishing, an opportunity to undertake this online Master Degree at Parker University. Applications and questions about this scholarship should be sent to 

Scholarship Information 

Apply before 5 January 2022

Have you ever wanted to do a
Master of Science in Strength and Human Performance?
This scholarship covers your entire tuition fees and is fully online.

General Information

Master of Science in Strength and Human Performance (MSHP) at Parker University SCHOLARSHIP

Parker University is an educational teaching institution that has a registered chiropractic program which also offers this fully online Master of Science in Strength and Human Performance (MSHP) Degree, known as the Scholarship in this information.

The goal of this scholarship is to provide the opportunity for a FICS member who has completed their International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) access to a Master of Science in Strength and Human Performance (MSHP).

15 subjects with each subject taking 7.5 weeks. This scholarship requires a commitment from you of approx 9 hours each week.

  • Whilst you do this in your own time, you must complete each subject within the 7.5 weeks deadline.
  • While enrolled in the MSHP, the FICS Scholarship recipient must maintain a program GPA of 3.0 and complete the program in 150% of the normal program length.

The Scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition for the master’s degree (value 22,200 USD) until degree completion, covered fees as long as the student maintains full-time enrollment status in the program and complies with all other terms of the CEI.  Academic advising and tutoring services have no associated costs at the CEI.

  • Costs not Covered – The Scholarship does not cover any costs outside of the tuition fees, including required books.
CLICK HERE: Parker_FICS_Scholarship Information for Candidate
CLICK HERE: Parker_FICS_Scholarship Application Form
Application Deadlines & Forms

Selection Criteria: Candidates must hold an ICSC and be a member in good standing with FICS.

Suppose you are interested in the scholarship and in the final stages of completing your ICSC, with completion expected before the end of January 2022. In that case, you may submit your interest and be considered for this scholarship.

In 2022 there will be two (2) scholarships available. Send your application and documentation to The 2022 FICS Scholarship Deadline are:

  • 5th January to be considered for the February 23, 2022 start.
  • 5th March to be considered for the May 2, 2022 start.

Please note that If we get suitable interest in this first round, we may appoint both places in January so don’t delay your application of interest.

Applications will be reviewed by the FICS selection committee and submitted to Parker University Scholarship before the 15th of the month. The recipient will be connected with the Director of Admissions to help them get enrolled into the program.

To apply for the Scholarship: 

  • Complete the FICS Scholarship Application linked below
  • Meet all Parker University admissions/entrance requirements including the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 for an applicable bachelor degree
  • Copy of your academic transcripts.
  • Submit the required written essay and letters of recommendation with the FICS Scholarship Application
CLICK HERE:Parker_FICS_Scholarship Information for Candidate
DOWNLOAD: Parker_FICS_Scholarship Application Form

Please Note: If you are selected, transcripts from courses completed outside of the US will require NACES Accredited International transcript evaluation for US equivalency. 

Application Process

I’m Interested, what do I have to do? Don’t wait; get your interest in FICS before 5 January 2022.

Step 1 – Scholarship Application Process: If you are interested in being considered, we need the following before 5 January 2022. FICS and Parker University are awarding two scholarships for 2022. If we get suitable interest in this first round, we may appoint both places.

To apply for this scholarship, you need the following.

  • Complete the scholarship form.
  • Please send us a copy of your chiropractic transcript. A photocopy will suffice for this initial application of interest.
  • Provide an essay explaining why you wish to be considered for the FICS Scholarship and how you intend to benefit from the Master of Science in Strength and Human Performance. No word limit applies.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation from any professional in the field, e.g. colleague, employer or former professor.

Step 2- FICS Committee will select the successful applicant.

Selection Criteria: Candidates must hold an ICSC and be a member in good standing with FICS. Candidates close to completing their ICSC and would be finished at the time of the scholarship award may submit their interest and be considered.

The FICS selection committee will meet and undertake a shortlist of applicants received. This will include academic merit, leadership potential, FICS involvement, international games, essay and recommendations.

Step 3 – Successful Applicants Enrollment

If you are offered a placement, you will be connected with the Parker University Director of Admissions. She will assist you in gathering all your information and guiding you through the enrolment process.

At this time, please note that you will be required to submit your original transcript. If your professional transcript is from a University outside of the US, you will be required to use NACES Accredited International Transcript Evaluator for US equivalency.

The details of how to obtain this are in the application form.