Malaysia ICSC Upper and Lower Extremity Seminar

This hands-on International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) seminar is in partnership with Sports Chiropractic Council Malaysia. This seminar is offered to any chiropractor or final year chiropractic student who is serious about becoming a great sports practitioner and getting the best results for their patients. This seminar meets both the ‘hands-on seminar’ requirements of the FICS International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) and the minimum standard for those wishing to develop the competencies required in sports chiropractic to serve at official FICS international events. To learn more about the ICSC, please visit:

This seminar has already reached capacity due to the local demand within Malaysia. If you are interested in being added to the waitlist for the 2022 seminar, please email Dr Hayden Pooke with your details. We are currently taking expression of interest for 2023. If demand warranties another seminar will be scheduled. Email Dr Pooke with your interest. 

The programme for this seminar incorporates FICS’ renewed ICSC curriculum and includes a range of lectures with a sports chiropractic focus, although relevant information for general chiropractic practice is included.

PROGRAMME OUTLINE Upper and Lower Extremity – (ankle, foot, hip and knee) and (shoulder, wrist, hand and finger)
Lower Extremity ICSC Seminars_Education Learning Objectives
Upper Extremity ICSC Seminars_Education Learning Objectives

  • Sports Concussion theory and Practicum Assessment
  • Mopal/CMT theory and Lab
  • Soft Tissue Interventions Theory and Lab
  • Taping theory and Lab
  • Emergency procedures theory and Practicum Assessment
  • Upper Extremity theory and practicum assessment
  • Lower Extremity practicum assessment

Dr Christine Foss 

Dr Hayden Pooke 
Dr Martin Camara 

The International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) program offers an individual chiropractor the credentials required to work at FICS events worldwide. It is the minimum qualification required to be part of a FICS chiropractic delegation at regional sporting events, and international events such as the regional and world championships and the World Games. If you are interested in starting the program visit our website at on how you can get started today.

If you wish to find out more contact FICS admin at 

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