CHILE – ICSC Upper Extremity Seminar

Event Information – Seminar (Hand-on) and upper extremity module.
The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) in association with CHILEAN SOCIETY OF SPORTS CHIROPRACTIC (SOCHIQUIDE), is pleased to present the officialization of the delivery of the Upper Extremity Module that meets one of the requirements of the Certification International FICS in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC), which is the minimum standard for those who wish to develop and acquire the required competencies in sports chiropractic, in order to participate in official international FICS events. For more information on the ICSC, please visit:

The Upper Extremity Module is made up of 20.5 hours, distributed in an On-Line Asynchronous section (via the web platform) and another face-to-face-practical synchronous section (to be held in Santiago de Chile), in which the plan is implemented. ICSC’s revamped FICS Study Guide includes a variety of lectures with a focus on sports chiropractic as well as information relevant to general chiropractic practice.

PROGRAM OUTLINE Upper Extremity (shoulder, wrist, hand, and finger) Upper Extremity
Course Objectives:
 Upper Extremity Course Objectives

  • Sports concussion theory and practical evaluation
  • Mopal/CMT theory and laboratory.
  • Theory and practice in soft tissue interventions.
  • Theory and practice of bandaging.
  • Theory and practical evaluation of the upper extremity.

The theoretical webinar: (10.5 hours of theory with a final theoretical exam) in which the participants must complete this part of the On-Line theoretical learning asynchronously, which consists of five sections (two hours of duration each).

Important: This theoretical part of this course must be completed 30 days before the face-to-face seminar as a requirement to attend the practical face-to-face section in Santiago.

Los Nogales 741, Commune of Providencia, City of Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile. ZIP Code: 7510296

Saturday 10 September 2022
08.30 – 09.00 Registration/ Tea and Coffee
09.00 – 13.00 Lectures
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 18.00 Lectures

Sunday 11 September 2022
08.00 – 08.15 Registration / Tea and coffee
08.15 – 12.30 Lectures

SPEAKERS Dr Christine Foss –

This seminar will be presented in English with a Spanish translator.  For those who do not wish to take the full ICSC, this can be done as a stand-alone CPD (Continuing Professional Development) event by any chiropractor or senior chiropractic student who is serious about becoming a great sports player and getting the best results for your patients.  CPD point: 20.5 registered with CEU

Registration fee: CHF = Swiss Franc

  • SOCHIQUIDE or FICS member 550.00 CHF (approx. 482,922.00 CLP).
  • Final year student or recent graduate CHF 350.00 (approx. CLP 307,314.00)
  • Non-member CHF 700.00 (approx. CLP $612,094)

SEMINAR SPECIAL OFFER – ICSC ONLINE LEARNING: FICS is happy to support the Chile NCSC members in readiness for the PanAm games to gain their International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic. This seminar is just one part of the ICSC and a further 10 modules are required to complete this accreditation.   FICS is offering a one-time 61% discount to doctors attending this seminar to purchase the ICSC online learning modules which are required to complete this international training course. Below are the details of the offer. Once you have purchased this seminar reach out to if you would like to take up this offer with the option that suits you. We will then create the coupon code for you to purhase.
Visit our website for more information: 

  • The written words and exams on the learning platform can be accessed in Spanish.
  • The videos are in English.
  • Participants registering for this seminar will be offered a coupon code valued for 8 months to give members a chance to purchase the additional learning required to meet the full requirements of the ICSC certificate.

The coupons and learning platform are linked to individual emails. If someone is purchasing the modules for another person, they need to ensure that the details (email, name, etc) of the person they are buying this for are used at the time of purchase.

1. Coupon code: $1,525.00 CHF DISCOUNT (CLP $1.333.492). One-time purchase of all 10 modules.

  • Allowing participants to purchase the full ICSC online learning for CHF 975.00 (CLP $852.560)
  • *Normal reference price: CHF 2,500 (CLP $2,186,053)
  • This coupon can only be used once per person.
  • The coupon expires on 30 May 2023

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  • The coupon expires on 30 June 2023

CHF350.00 - CHF700.00