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Alabama – ICSC Upper Extremity Seminar

Do you want to be considered to work at the World Games in Birmingham 2022? To apply for the Sports Chiropractic team you must hold your ICSC certification. 

Upper Extremity Program information

Proudly sponsored by Logan University CE Credits are available for the following USA states.

To receive the full 20 credits, for the states where this is approved, you must complete the asynchronous learning (watching the theory online recordings) and pass the section quiz before attending the live session in October. This asynchronous learning will open up ONE MONTH before the October hands-on class and account for 10 hours of per theory learning. The live session (eg synchronous learning) is 100% hands-on, and doctors will need to perform a range of techniques during the class.

20 hours ICSC to + 4-hour MasterclassAK, CO, CT, DC, DE, IA, ID, IL, MA, MD, MT, NE, NH, NJ, OH, OR, RI, SC, UT, VA, VT, WA, WY.

Please note, these two states will not approve asynchronous learning. 10 hours of face-to-face learning + 4 hours for the Masterclass.  IN, MS 
Continuing education credit for MO has been applied for. We will update this once approval is received.



                                  Alabama Chiropractic Association will award 20 hours ICSC + 4-hour Masterclass for AL


This Continuing Professional Development event has been lodged with the European Academy of Chiropractic for 20 hours ICSC + 4-hour Masterclass




In collaboration with Logan University, FICS will be hosting a Master Class: – No pre-requisite classes or advanced certs are required to attend this seminar

Master Class: Friday 22 October – 16:00 – 20:00 – Dr. Kelley Humphries is the Executive Director of Paralympic Operations, a member of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. She will be in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics and will have a lot of great and up-to-date information. 

Title: Special populations and considerations in Elite Sports. This presentation will cover a range of topics with a 5-minute break at the end of each section.
Hour 1: Introductions and Athlete rights
Hour 2: Athletes with Disabilities
Hour 3: The Transgender Athlete
Hour 4: SafeSport and other athlete safety issues/considerations

Instructors: Dr Christine Foss and Dr Jon Mulholland – No pre-requisite classes or advanced certs are required to attend this seminar

Doctors will undertake some online learning before the face to face as self-directed learning (10 hours of theory online prior to attending the face to face course). This is compulsory to prepare you for the workshop sessions during the hands-on seminar.

Upper Extremity ICSC program – Seminar Hybrid Program Asynchronous and Synchronous
Saturday 23 October – 09:00 – 16:00 – day 1 of the ICSC seminar (6 hours + breaks)
Mopal/CMT – 02:00
– UE Assessment – 02:00
– UE Taping – 02:00

Sunday 24 October – 08:30 – 12:30 – day 2 of the ICSC seminar (4 hours + breaks)
– Concussion Lab  – 02:00
– UE Rehab/Soft Tissue Practicum – 02:00

ICSC Upper Seminar: Once registered, candidates will be sent some pre-online theory (10.5 hours online learning) to complete before attending the face-to-face class. This is compulsory to prepare you for the workshop sessions during the hands-on seminar. The hands-on session is fully hands-on with no theory, and you must hold a certificate of completion from the Asynchronous program.

Doctors holding a postdoctoral sports-specific chiropractic degree can use this course as the pathway for the awarding of the ICSC. When completing this seminar, doctors will be required to submit their degree, evidence of working with athletes, and a current first aid accreditation in the last two years.

  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (USA)
  • Diplomate in sports chiropractic (USA)
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Science (Canada)
  • IFEC Sports Chiropractic Program (France)
  • Masters of Sports Science and Rehabilitation degree


: All ICSC Upper Seminar registration will have access to the Masterclass on Friday, 22 October. If you ONLY WANT the Masterclass, there is separate pricing for that session; however, please note this does not give you access to the Upper Extremity seminar. Registration prices below are listed in Swiss Franc (CHF) which is approx 1 CHF to 1.08 USD depending on the currency of the day. (Example Masterclass  CHF 99 = 107 USD / 450 CHF = 487 USD). 

ICSC Face to Face Hands-On-Seminar
Venue: Sheraton in Birmingham, 2101 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States

Members holding an ICSC accreditation that wish to attend the Upper ICSC seminar as a refresher can reach out to for a 100 CHF discounted coupon code.

Early Bird Registration Pricing – to 31 August 202

– ICSC UPPER SEMINAR – STUDENT: 350 CHF (students in their last year of study may apply for this seminar)


Registration Pricing after 31 August 2021
– ICSC UPPER SEMINAR STUDENT: 400 CHF (students in their last year of study may apply for this seminar)


We are preparing for a Covid19 safe event
We are planning for safe distance and controlled capacity. Mandatory use of facemask and we will have extra cleaning shifts. Hands-on practices will be with teams of two with the same teammate for the whole seminar. We will be encouraging people to let us know if they can bring their own portable table, however not compulsory as we will ensure we cater enough tables for everyone.

Contact Us: FICS –
ELS Promotion – purchase the els modules at 20% discount. This offer is available to students and members registering for this seminar. Reach out to for the promotion code.