Belgium Chiropractic Sports Council

Background: The primary function of the FICS Executive Council (ExCo) is oversight of the organisation's strategic direction to grow the sports chiropractic community on the world stage. The FICS Regional representatives are members of the FICS Exco, and their primary responsibility is to be the connection between the FICS ExCo and the NCSC. These reports help your Regional Representative stay connected to your NCSC strengths, weaknesses/challenges, opportunities, and tactics that the NCSC is facing. We encourage you to reach out to your FICS Regional Representative to discuss any issues you are facing so that they can contact you and discuss this at a mutually convenient time. 

Please stay connected with your FICS Regional Representative and invite them to a couple of your board meetings each year so we can build that strong connection, awareness and communication link. This online reporting template is a tool to raise reporting and does not replace the interaction between the Regions and the FICS Regional Representative. This process enables FICS and the NCSC to create a strong working relationship to provide continuous support and feedback to serve and grow the broader sports chiropractic community.

Instructions: The NCSC quarterly report has two sections:
Part I.
 Activities which the NCSC are working on or have been doing in the past quarter.
Part II. Areas with which the NCSC would like FICS assistance. This part will assist FICS in supporting your NCSC and sharing resources for the growth of sports chiropractic.

If there is no activity in the last quarter, a "NA" response is sufficient. However, before you list "NA", please consider any significant information/developments concerning your NCSC and sports chiropractic during this period. You may consider including any updates on projects you are working on or issues that your NCSC reported on in previous reports, which are still ongoing.

How the reports are used:
These reports are tabled and discussed by the ExCo at quarterly meetings with follow-up by the ExCo Regional Representative.

Quarterly Report

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Part I: Your NCSC Activities

Part II: Areas where FICS and your NCSC could collaborate

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No. of members322
Date of Report31/05/2022
Quarterly period2nd Quarter: April-June
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Contact Details

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Your position in your NCSCPast President
Name person submitting reportShea Stark
Name of your NCSC President:Christopher Hargrave
Select name of your NCSCAmerican Chiropractic Association Sports Council
CountryUnited States
Date of annual meeting15/10/2022
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Part I: Your NCSC Activities

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Part II: Areas where FICS and your NCSC could collaborate

CHALLENGES: List any challenges which your NCSC are facing, or your Executives are working to solve. (List N/A if none at this stage)

The main challenge that we are facing as a council is the membership issue with FICS. Chris Hargrave and I had a Zoom call with Nat Akmens in May to talk through the issue. He seemed very understanding of our position and agreed that there should be an agreement in writing between FICS and all NCSCs. I think that we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

1. ACTIVITY: Summary of activity within your NCSC over the last quarter. If there has not been much activity in the last quarter, you may consider including any projects you are working on, issues your NCSC is facing, discussions or growth with which you may like support.

With the ACASC annual symposium less than 6 months away, we have been doing a lot of marketing and planning. We will be doing a hybrid event so just getting all the pieces ready.

We are also revamping our Chiropractic Sports Network so we have been sending out surveys to our membership about the athlete population they work with.

EVENTS/GAMES: Any contacts you have with International Sporting Federations. Do you need any help from FICS to organise contact with holders of regional/international games? (If applicable)


FOLLOW-UP: Please select any followup you are interested in. FICS will get the respective Commission Chair or your Regional Rep to contact you. (If applicable)Regional Rep
COLLABORATION: List any major events/conferences which you have coming up and a event link so FICS can co-promote. (If applicable)

ACASC Symposium October 14-15:

OPPORTUNITIES: List any opportunities which you may like FICS to help support or promote. (If applicable)


Student information:
Does your NCSC have student members -- Yes
Do you charge the students for membership -- Yes, $55/year
Do you register the students with FICS (noting that FICS do not charge for student members) -- Yes
What would you like to see FICS achieve in the 2022-2025 period. -- The ACASC would like to see written agreements between FICS and all NCSCs.

COLLABORATION: College/Educational Institution with which you have / or are developing relationships with. (If applicable)