FICS Foundation

The FICS Foundation is a charitable not for profit corporation affiliated with FICS (Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport) an international organization representing the specialty field of sports chiropractic. 

FICS Foundation Mission Statement:

Our vision is to have a substantial positive effect on the welfare of athletes, athletic performance and sports medicine through sports chiropractic on the international stage.

Our Focus:

Our priority is to focus our attention on the support of underserved athletes of all levels.

Foundation Goals:

To have a profound impact on the international sports medicine community through sports chiropractic. To aid the ability of all athletes to have access to sports chiropractic care as an integral part of their health care, preventative care and sport performance.

What Do We Do?

The Foundation furthers our goals with direct financial support:

  • Education – We are actively looking to align our foundation with institutions and programs that promote sports chiropractic and the treatment of challenged athletes.
  • Scholarships – We identify exemplary candidates in Chiropractic and/or Master of Science in Sports programs for financial support.
  • Research – We support research in the field of sports chiropractic.
  • Athlete Support and Event Support
  • Philippines Project
  • Congo Project

Doctor Support – All doctors volunteer their time and expertise through FICS to insure the health and athletic performance of all athletes. The Foundation looks to support those highly qualified doctors who want to participate but feel the financial constraints traveling to distant and at times remote locations. These individuals are supported on a case by case basis.

Financial Information:

A large majority of the monies raised goes directly to event support, athlete support, doctor support and support of our educational and research institutions. Currently all members of the Foundation Board of Directors volunteer their time and spend their own resources when communicating and traveling to meetings. The Foundation does use independent contractor services for administrative services and for certain specialty services that cannot be performed in house.