Expression of Interest – Executive Management Team (EMT)

The EMT is the operational arm of FICS; it deals with the day to day activities needed to progress FICS forward. This will help to guide our organization to become better in communication with our members but also giving our members better support within their region.

The EMT is made up of the FICS President, Vice President, Secretary-General, and the three new positions;

The three new positions (above) can be drawn from within or outside of the Chiropractic profession, which could prove very beneficial for our organization. We are looking for people with a passion to assist athletes and a skill set that matches the position they are applying for.

We want YOU!   These positions are aimed at increasing the skill set of people serving on the FICS EMT. This will assist FICS now and into the future continue to build the showcase Sports Chiropractic on the world stage, as well as supporting athletes by ensuring “Every athlete has access to sports chiropractic” globally. 

Please submit your CV and a letter of claim against the above position to before the closing date listed above. If you would like to discuss the position you can reach the Chair of the Selection Committee Dr. Martin Isaksson at