Calling for applications for FICS Education Chair

FICS are currently calling for interest within and outside our member base for the position of FICS Education Commission Chair. Dr Tim Stark after 10 years is stepping down for a well earnt break, however, will remain on the commission for a year to assist the incoming chair.

With FICS establishing a competency-based recruitment program to identify the right people for the right job so we achieve a successful outcome for both parties, all our position descriptions will be geared to the ideal candidate skill sets. As this plan is in its infancy and linked to succession planning we have to be realistic and recognise that most candidates will not have all the desired skill sets from the outset.

So to be fair on our candidates and to find the most ideal person for the job we want to focus on those skill sets for the Education Commission Chair position that is critical to take it forward and build on the great work that Tim Stark, current chair  and his team have done to date.

The skills we are particularly interested in for this position are:

  • leadership;
  • management; and
  • mentorship.

The above skills are critical to build capability within the commission and to lead the team in achieving the outcomes of the operational plan. FICS want someone who is able to think outside of the box and be a little commercial, in order to develop additional capability in the education learning space. The position requires someone with good communication skills, who is a team player as the way FICS do business is through collaboration and leveraging off the strengths of all members.

FICS are not looking for a financial genius or someone that knows the intricate details of the Education Commission as these are things that will be learned along the way. It is an ideal opportunity to learn new skills.

If you think you have the drive and skills to lead an extremely important commission that is directly linked to the growth of FICS then please consider applying for the position. You will have a great team of volunteers to work with that will support you in building capacity.

Applications due on or before 23rd December 2019.
If a suitable person is not identified in this time frame we will consider an extension to the time frame.

Please submit your CV along with a letter of claim which outlines examples of your skills against the position drescription to 

Further information or questions can be directed to